What is a good substitute for tylenol 3

Best Answer: Over the counter pain relievers have a problem in that after you take a certain amount they no longer have additional pain relieving power. The reason is .

I love to use Tylenol PM to get to sleep when I need it. But it's been recalled, and I am out of what I had. Is there a good substitute that I could use until it .

i have been on ativan for 3 weeks 2mg a day. i wont to stop the medication.

Best Answer: Nebel and Citrine Witch have 2 of the best answers. Most of the substitutes people use don't really help with the energy need, but they can help with .

I ran out of percocet the other day and i am still having a lot of pain. but my prescription didnt allow me to get refills, so i need a substitute of some kind.

Last week, someone left a comment on my Cod Liver Oil 101 video which said,

taking vic for pain management post-surgery. i've found that i'm not tolerating the drug very well.constant nausea, even on a full stomachcan't sleep more than 4-5 .

Best Answer: Yes there are a number of substitutes but the success rate varies. Below is a very detailed guide with everything you need to know. What is a good substitute for tylenol 3 http://www .

Best Answer: There are no OTC replacements for Rimadyl. Specific COX-2 inhibitors are all still prescription. Rimadyl does have a generic, however. If your dog is 18 .

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I am not a doctor or any sort of medical expert. But from my personal experiences, I would recommend asking about Darvocet. It has codiene, like Tyelnol 3, but I am .

Tylenol, the widely used alternative to aspirin, is an analgesic, or pain reliever, and fever-reducing drug. The drug is often used by people who are .

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